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High Schooler with a strong interest in Tech. Host of the TechIN series featuring innovative tech innovators. Contact me at

This is my interview with Mr. Brett Hurt, CEO and Co-Founder of, as well as a successful tech entrepreneur and investor. I learned a lot from this interview, and I think that you can too.

I want to thank Brett for helping me to kick off this series and hope that you learn a lot from this as well. You can check out more of Brett’s content here at — or his Medium page Brett Hurt. Make sure to check out his book, The Entrepreneurs Essentials, as well.

The Interview:

How did you get started with programming?


Hello Everyone! Welcome to the second part of the Discord Bot with Python series. In this part, we are going to be going over the basics of Moderation commands as well as further details about the way the library works.

  1. What are Moderation Commands?

First, we need to detail what Moderation commands are. For our case, we’ll classify them into two categories: Static and Active moderation. Static moderation is single events such as kicking a user. Active Moderation is constant analysis for some type of action by users. A curse filter would fall into this category. …

Hello everyone! Welcome to my series on how to create a full featured Discord Bot with Python. This tutorial is aimed at those who want to create a Discord Bot with real features as opposed to just a Hello World bot. This series uses the latest version of To access the latest version of the code for my completed discord bot go to

The prerequisites to create this bot are a basic knowledge of Python, as well as a knowledge of the requests package. The requests package isn’t important at the start, but as we start working with…

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